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The October Page will contain a special Halloween edition of chat with authors , a selection of books and a selection of movies to get you in the mood for Halloween.


A big thank you goes out to everyone who has contributed to the October Page

Today's Halloween guest is the lovely Matt Leyshon


1. Open an email, attach said latest (last) novel and hit SEND.


2. A tough one, because most, if not all, supernatural creatures come with major baggage. Probably a ghost on account of the freedom that does come with that. You could literally go anywhere, which does sound appealing. Plus nobody is coming after a ghost whereas the others are hunted relentlessly.


3. Never been much of a gardener and I am terrible at trying to make plants grow. I love sunflowers though and think they brighten up any room. In terms of spices I would have to say Rosemary. Beautiful aroma and it reminds me of home.


4 I would politely refuse but I would slip them the contact details of a few people first.

Reading and movie recommendations from our admin team member Pete

Today's guest is one of my favourite authors AJ Griffiths-Jones



1. I really wouldn’t need to worry about the zombies, as soon as they came through the door Humphrey my cat would be upon them with his deadly sharp fangs! In case he needed a little help though, I would use my ninja skills to throw pens into their skulls.


2. I’d probably choose to be a vampire. I like the idea of living for hundreds of years & wearing a long black cape. I’m a night owl anyway, so sleeping in the daytime would be no problem. As for the sucking of blood...I’m sure I’d get used to it after a while!!


3. Given my history of writing & researching absolutely everything about a certain poisoner, I should say poison ivy! In truth though I’m quite fascinated by Japanese Bonsai trees.


4. No, I don’t think I’d go with the aliens unless it was just for a short visit & I could be sure to return home. I’m having far too much fun living on earth & have many more places to discover before I’d consider visiting other planets.

My next guest is Italian author Davide Mana




5 zombies wonder in... My writing room (supposedly "the library") is so cluttered and unkept, the five zombies would bump into a lot of things, stumbling and falling over. That would give me time to backup what I am writing and run upstairs screaming.


Be a supernatural creature... I think I'd probably like to be a ghost. It's a form of immortality, or a way to travel in time. It would give me a chance to see the future after I'm gone.


A favorite plant... Not really. I like the old cherry tree my father planted in our garden, but I really can't say I have a favorite plant.


If aliens landed... I'd ask for a few guarantees (like, I'll be their guest and not food or slave) but yes, I'd go with them. Nothing can be better than exploring the universe, and given the situation here on Earth, and in my country, a quick getaway might be convenient.

My next Halloween guest is the ever delightful Amanda Havery Purse


Question 1: I would probably grab the laptop in one hand, grab my cat in the other as she would probably start a fight with them! 😆 And head to the nearest Supermarket or Army Barracks because although I have never watched a zombie film or programme, I know enough to know there won't be just five in the world, I can tell you all that now! 😆


Question 2: I would probably chose a Griffin. They the body, tail and back legs of a lion... which of course, is a cat. 😆 They have the head and wings of an eagle, which is an sign of wisdom that I may occasionally have from time to time...apparently! 😆 The Griffins were known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions, so you can trust me with anything!😆 Also Griffins, whether myth or not, has links to The City of London and if I ever feel at home anywhere, it's there.


Question Three: As a flower is a part of a plant, I like looking but not owning, (unless they are silk) Tigerlilies... well it has a cat in title doesn't it! 😆 However i can't have real ones as they are apparently poisonous to animals... what are the chances hey? Animal sounding name but poisonous to animals! That wasn't well thought out was it? 😆


Question Four: No, I won't go because when it boils down to it, I like what I know. As for something I don't know...well I don't know... it do I? 🤔😆

October reading recommendations from the Bookworm

Our first guest for the Halloween edition is Eve Gaal , and may I say her answers made me smile.


1. I’d tell them to leave or sit, until I finished writing my sentence. If that doesn’t work, then I suppose I would answer their questions and feed them Wasabi trail mix.


2. St. Theresa of Calcutta because I’m sure she’s still helping the poor, hungry and homeless.


3. Yes, my mesquite tree in the center of our backyard. It looks like lace. I’m also partial to our little Ti plant on the breakfast table. My friend Margaret gave it to us many years ago and it seems to be happy.


4. Do you mean planet? If yes, then I will say Earth. I’m holding out hope that things will get better.


5. NO. My husband can’t even get me to visit my relatives. Granted, they are on a different continent involving a long flight. Guess I’m a homebody. I’d rather invite the aliens in and serve them some good home cooking. Do you think they’d like casseroles?

Movie and book recommendations for Halloween from author AJ Griffiths -Jones

My next Halloween guest is the delightful Steve Jessup


 1: I stand up and say, "I'm expensive, if you want me it will cost you an arm and a leg."


2: A vampire, eternal life and I get to nibble on ladies necks. Plus I think I'd look good with red eyes and sharp teeth!


3: My favourite plant would be Mint. I also like Basil. Pity that clever gardener hasn't cross pollinated them. A new species of plant: The Misil :P


4: Yes, most definitely. But only if they promised to return me to Earth. I'd miss my family and friends. Besides, I'd be constantly looking for Sigourney Weaver!