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Today we have a review of DAN BROWN'S ORIGIN by the lovely author  Amanda Harvey Purse thank you Amanda



 This time Dan Brown places the reader in Spain and asks us the questions of where do we come from and where are we going? 


 In doing so Dan Brown is making the reader ponder how did life begin and what is the future for our species, will we keep evolving or will we die out?

 Of course these questions are thought provoking as many of Dan Brown's questions are in his books and both sides of argument is played out in a somewhat realistic way. However, for me there was something lacking in this book of the Robert Langdon series.


 I was not a fan of the Lost Symbol as I felt it was written with a film in mind. Which is ironic considering it was decided not to make that book into a film as it would be too much like National Treasure and in Origin, I feel it is written in much the same way.


 I felt the sub story of King, Prince and Bishop of Spain was only really there to justify why Dan Brown had placed this story in Spain and to give the lady, that is running along side Langdon (because there always is one) a reason for being in the book. Otherwise, she doesn't seem to do much to push the book along in it's story.


 But something else was bugging me, I am a fan of Dan Brown's work mainly, however something in Origin did not feel right to me. It took me until the end of the book to figure it out. The reason I like Dan Brown's books is because of the history of the places, the history of the paintings and the solving of codes. In Origin, amazingly, the reader hardly has any of these things, so it felt to me, a little weak for a Dan Brown story.


 I also did not like the fact, that I guessed the ending at the beginning of the book, not because i am oh so clever or anything but because of a certain part of the ending had been used before in a different film. ( I won't say which one as I don't want to spoil it for anyone that wants to read this book)

I won't be spoiling anything by also stating that Dan Brown quotes from Disney's Frozen...


 Although, I have nothing against that film, I do believe there is a time and a place for it and I am not sure that a Robert Langdon, action book is the right place for it.



 With everything said, it is an okay book and is still very much in Dan Brown's style of science verses religion but for me, it was sadly disappointing, after waiting so long for it to be released.