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The Door That Faced West by Alan M. Clark

I recently come across the Historical fiction novel 'The Door that Faced West ' by Alan M. Clark .

Having read other books by the author I know the novel would be a mix of fact and fiction and I wasn't disappointed.But you have to remember this a work of fiction as the author states at the beginning of the novel, because it's very easy to become engrossed in this highly recommended novel and believe the book is non-fiction.

The Door that Faced West is about two brothers Micajah Harpe, also know as Big Harpe and Wiley Harpe also know as The Little Harpe, who are vicious killer ( after a quick search of the internet I found they are often referred to as America's first serial killers ).

The story beings with a grandmother a woman with a hidden past a women who shows very little love towards her family, with exception of her grandson the only person she shows any kind any love towards. Till an incident with her grandson beings the memories of her past flooding back . Memories of a young woman running from her abusive father only to find herself living with the Harpe Brothers, ruthless killers and the two women they had taken as their wifes.

Recommended for these who like to read historical fiction and for those who enjoy a real gripping read.


Renaissance: The Fall and Rise of a King Kindle Edition by Marla Skidmore (Author)

This a historical fiction novel about Richard III the story begins with his death at the Battle of Bosworth , but this is only the beginning of the story.

The author made a intriguing and interesting decision to follow Richard into the afterlife from here the reader gets to see events from Richards life in a number of flashback's. We also get to see the struggles he might have gone through while coming trying to terms the decisions he made and the consequences they had. We also get to see him struggle with the reputation he gained and after his death due to Henry Tudor.

I'm no expert on Richard 111 but from what I do know I can say the historical details are accurate and it is clear that a lot of research has been done.

Well done to the author an excellent novel I was hooked from the first page and was sorry to see it come to end.


Twerk by Isobel Blackthorn

Thank you to Isobel for the opportunity to read her least novel

The opening scene is a Las Vegas strip joint , what follows is one rollercoaster of an ride , two stripper's , a client who dies mysteriously while having a private dance and paramedic who isn't what he appears to be. 

I can honestly say Isobel's book has left its mark on me and won't be leaving me for a very long time. If you're looking for a dark, psychological thriller with an added touch of steamy romance then this book is highly recommended.

My four comments below best describe how I feel about 'Twerk'

"Very addictive, page tuner "

"Has the shock and awe factor"

"Not to be read late at night"

" Total shocked by one particular chapter can't say which one or why as this would give furture readers a major spolier"

Well done to Isobel Blackthorn for another finally written book and for giving this reader a few sleepless nights can't wait to see what she writes next.

'Them' by James Watts

'THEM' is the debut horror novel from author James Watts and to be very honest not the sort of book I would normally read but I'd had my eye on this one for a while, when James kindly sent me a complimentary copy and I can honestly say I enjoyed so much I read it over two tonights.

As I never like to spoil the storyline I will just give the reader a quick description of what the story in tales. Ray Sanders,returns to his home town to bury his mother but unfortunately for him all is not what it seems, evil lurks in the shadows and it's after him and his fellow residents.

The story was well written and James really knows how to create a great atmosphere for a horror novel. I found it nail bitingly gripping, it had me on the edge of my seat from the start to the finish and warning,ladies and gentlemen don't need snacks and don't read in the dark.

Highly recommended and not be missed by those who like a good Horror Story.

Blurred Vision: Seven billion voices about to be silenced by Chris Botragyi 

Chris Botragyi by Blurred Vision gives the reader a graphic and gory description of Earth being invaded and what happens to her inhabitants.


 The story revolves around six men all from different backgrounds but with one thing in common they find themselves being held captive by Earths invaders a not so friendly alien race of Gray's. You get to hear each of their stories from the point of their capture to there grizzly ends.

My dear friends I will give you a little warning do not eat while reading this book, because the author leaves nothing to the imagination in the descriptions in the demise of these men I also recommend you don't read in the dark with your Kindle back light for company why I hear you ask well dear friends because your neighbours security light going on at a crucial moment  gives you one hell of a scare. 

Horror fans and those who like a good scare this is the book for you.

Unknown by Phil Price 22 Dec 2017

Recommended reading

The story fleets between parallel universes and different centuries all having one thing in common vampires. That is in till fate steps in the shape of Jake a former policeman turned P. I , I don't want to say to any more on the story line because it will spoil the pleasure of you uncovering the story for yourself. 

But what I will say is 'Unknown' by Phil Price has definitely eared a 5 star review from me. The story is well written, intriguing and addictive. But can be a little bit confusing when you first begin to read but all will become clear as you read on.

The Detective Tails of Binklock Holmes, Purrirot and Miss Meowples (The Tails of Binky the Tabby Cat Book 1) Kindle Edition by Amanda Harvey Purse

  Guest review by Peter Coombes 

Just read this one from Amanda Harvey Purse it’s fun not just a children’s book but fun for adults as well as spotting the characters and the story lines your know what a mean if you read it very good and a lot of fun to read give it a go and have a fun time reading this you will want more believe me.   

Definitely will by buying the other two in the series.

Five stars from me.


Biddy Trott By Donna Marie McCarthy


If history, myth and horror are what you love reading then this is the book for you I absolutely loved this book even though it give me nightmares thanks Donna. It's the eighteenth century and Lord Abner has just arrived in the small English town of Royal Rummy where nothing is quite what it seems . The town is full of odd characters and who is Biddy Trott and why does she have sure a hold on Royal Rummy. To find the answers follow  Lord Abner as he unfolds the town's story.Can't wait for the next authors next book.


Side note best read at night because I think gives more atmosphere to the story.



My Ripper Hunting Days by Bernard Boley

Publisher: BERNARD BOLEY (30 Oct. 2016)

The book is a work of fiction but the author cleverly works fiction and known facts about the Jack the Ripper case to produce a thrilling read.

The main character of the book is pathologist Woodrow Riley who manages to get himself mixed up in some very nasty going on's its up to the reader to decide whether you think he ambitious stupid or gullible. Myself I think he is a mixer of all three.

The story is based around Woodrow's dairy writings of 1888 and how he unwittingly become involved in the killings of five unfortunate women killed by the hand, of the man the world would know as Jack the Ripper. Woodrow takes the reader on a journey though a series of meetings and interactions he has with various characters and this where it gets very interesting because after a while you realize that each of these character is not what he first appears to be .

Great read for these cold winter nights so snuggle up and enjoy.


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