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Amanda Harvey Purse

Being a member of the Royal Historical Society, Amanda has written articles for many magazines, websites and Societies. These include The Whitechapel Society Journal, The True Crime Dagger Magazine, The Charles Dickens Society, The Anne Boleyn Files, Book Reviews and more website and Rotten Ramsgate website, to name but a few.

Amanda has worked with many museums and television companies behind the scenes while also writing historical books. The titles of which include Martha (the lives of the people involved in the Martha Tabram murder investigation of 1888), The Cutbush Connections: In Flowers, In Blood and in the Ripper Case, Inspector Reid: The Real Ripper Street (the life and times of Inspector Edmund Reid whose most famous case to investigate was the Jack the Ripper case of 1888. Royalties from this book went into the headstone fund for getting Inspector Edmund Reid a headstone in Herne Bay, Kent), Jack and Old Jewry: The City of London Policemen who Hunted the Ripper (not only going into the lives of the policemen who investigated the sad death of Catherine Eddowes in 1888, as the title would suggest, this book also goes into the lives of Catherine Eddowes herself, doctors at the scene as well as the history of the murder site with Mitre Square and the mortuary upon Golden Lane), plus many others.

For fun, Amanda has also written a set of children's stories based on her own cat, Binky the tabby cat. Binklock Holmes and the case of the Notorious Cat Burglar is the first story to involved her other cat, Rosso the ginger cat and his neighbourly feline friend, Bobbert.

She is currently working on two books, the first being her first book in the Tudor period, The Boleyns: From the Tudors to the Windsors due out in 2021, with the second following.

The Notorious Cat Burglar By Amanda Harvey Purse

The short story you are about to read has been gifted to us by the author Amanda Harvey Purse and is free to read, it is not to be reproduced or copied without her permission

'Ah, Rossowatson, it is a dreary day isn't it?'

'Is it Binklock Holmes? I can't say I have noticed' Rossowatson replied without looking up from watching a toy train going around the Christmas tree, keeping his cat-like senses alert.

'Yes, very dreary. I am afraid the days of the good cases are gone, since Meowiarty met each other at the cat flap..'

'Surely not Binklock Holmes, surely not'

'It is such a shame I have had rely on Inspector Lesstray to fulfill my need for work'

Just as Binklock Holmes was about to explain how, the door burst open and in jumped a grey and white cat, young and quite stupid in his appearance or so Rossowatson thought anyway. The grey and white cat made himself at home upon the sofa, much to Rossowatson distaste. 'Why! If it isn't young Bobbert! I haven't seen you for while, didn't you get a job at the borough catcil department?'

'That I did Holmes, that I did' replied Bobbert in a cockney accent.

'And what brings you here, on a day such as this?' Asked Binklock.

'Well you see, it was like this...' Bobbert started, however an itch took over him and he stopped to snatch himself, leaving everyone including Rossowatson in suspense.

Unable to wait any longer Rossowatson shouted, 'Bobbert! Bobbert! You were saying!'

Bobbert stopped itching himself and said 'Alright guv', I was getting to it like'.

'Patience Rossowatson, patience. Now Bobbert you were saying?' Binklock Holmes replied.

'I might be arrested' simply replied Bobbert.

'What?' Binklock Holmes and Rossowatson both said.

'I might be arrested' Bobbert simply said while licking his paw to clean behind his ear. 'For what?'

'For nicking these' Bobbert said as he took from his collar and laid out a few pieces of paper beside him. 'But I didn't do it'.

Fighting the urge to sit on the papers, Rossowatson said 'You mean to say, you have not stolen the papers, that you have just placed beside you?'

'You are a clever one aren't you guv'?' Bobbert replied. 'That's exactly right'.

'You do understand that doesn't make any sense don't you?' Rossowatson stated.

Bobbert turned to the papers back to Rossowatson, back to the papers and then back to Rossowatson, after some time to which Binklock Holmes whispered to Rossowatson, 'Be patient, he'll get it'. Suddenly Bobbert's pupils went black as the clocks in his mind began to work it out.

'Ah, I see. Yes I have the papers but it wasn't me that took them. No, wait that's no what I meant...' Bobbert said in a confused way.

'Start at the beginning young Bobbert, what are these papers?' Repiled Binklock Holmes. 'They are Partridge in a Catnip Tree papers, it's very hush hush in our borough catcil department but very important...'

'Yes. I have heard of it through my brother Mycat, but carry on' Binklock Holmes stated.

'Well I was stalking my area, sniffing the air shall we say and I saw a light on in the borough catcil department and you know me with lights don't ya?' Bobbert asked Binklock Holmes.

'Quite, like a cat to a laser pen was you?' Binklock repiled.

'Rather. So I have a good butcher's don't I? And I sees shadows moving in the office with the papers, then as quick as you like, a cat does a fast one with the papers. Sensing the chase was on, I was hot upon my paws after them. They entered a cat flap on a house, and I went in blind'.

'You mean to say, you run in the house without checking the area first?' Rossowatson asked.

'No, I went in blind. What I means to say like is that I closed my eyes.' Bobbert replied.

'You closed your eyes?' Rossowatson asked.

'Why on earth would you do that?'

'I sensed a cat fight was on the horizon so I closed my eyes'.

'Again I must ask, why?'Rossowatson asked, not really understanding anything young Bobbert said.

'Well I ask you, have you ever had an infected claw in your eye?' Bobbert asked.

'I can't say that I have'.

'Well I tells you it's a nasty business, my father was a boxer you see, best four pawer in the land so they said, well that was until he got an infected eye in one fight that is...'

'Sorry to hear that'.

'Nah, he's alright now. But that taught me a lesson, when in doubt, close your eyes. So I closed my eyes didn't I and was ready for a fight. Good thing too because a fight there was, a right scrap, lots of meows, I managed to get hold of some of the papers before I jumped out of the attic window'.

'You jumped out of the attic window?' Rossowatson asked.

'It was the nearest exit and I always land on my paws. However what I didn't know was train tracks ran near the house and I landed on the roof of a train! It was very unsteady i can tell you and i had all ten claws digging in. Thank goodness, the train pulled in to the station of Aldtrout in the city soon after.

I got off there and made my way here'.

'You mean the station at Aldgate don't you?' Rossowatson asked.

'Nah, nah well not for this cat themed story anyway'.

'Why come here?' Binklock Holmes asked.

'I am being followed. I can't tell you who, might be the cat I had a fight with, might not, who can say...' Bobbert repiled as he was about to itch himself again.

'Can you describe your attacker?' Asked Rossowatson.

'No' replied both Bobbert and Binklock Holmes. Rossowatson looked over to Binklock Holmes puzzled.

'You see Rossowatson, he closed his eyes remember...' Binklock Holmes laughed.

'That's it guv'. I knew I was right coming 'ere. You have brains in your head Holmes, smart as a tuna fish'. Young Bobbert replied with a wink.

'Quite. However, young Bobbert you might still be able to describe him'.

'Hows that then?'

'When one's senses are blocked, other senses become more alert. Was there any smells that might have seemed odd to you at the time...'

'I see, let me get my noggin working like... now you say it. I could smell a freshly made litter box, but it wasn't just any litter in there, there was a smell of lavender coming from it, very posh like'.

'Quite. Anything else?'

'Well when I got a few good blows in, he was close and I could smell he has a owner that smokes and also uses rose water lotion'.

'Was the smell of tobacco strong?'

'Yes. Overpowering the rose water I would say'.

'So from this we could say this cat has two owners. One man that smokes cigars and a lady who uses rose water lotion and then strokes her cat. Did you have to go far from the borough catcil department, was you still in the city?' Binklock Holmes asked, moving over to Bobbert and sitting down beside him, sitting on the papers as he did so.

'I would say so' Bobbert answered.

'Mmm...' 'What does this say to you Holmes?' Rossowatson asked.

'I think we are dealing with the notorious cat burglar... Soot'.

'Soot!' Rossowatson and Bobbert both replied.

'Quite, no an imaginative name for a cat I grant you but nevertheless...'

Suddenly the door burst open yet again and a cat dressed in a police cat's uniform trots in.'Sorry to disturb you like this Holmes, but I have been sent here by Inspector Lesstray to arrest the feline fiend...'

'On what charge Catstable?' Asked Binklock Holmes without turning to face him.

'On the charge of stealing important papers'.

'Well this is quite odd' Binklock Holmes replied.

'Odd, Sir? In what way'. 'Odd how Inspector Lesstray, got on to this so quick...' Binklock Holmes replied as he moved off the sofa and turned to face the new visitor. 'It has only just happened, and as far as we are all concerned no one knew of this until this young cat here, walked in'.

'You're right Holmes' repiled Bobbert as he started itching again and this time a piece of black fur flew from Bobbert's paws on to the floor in front of Binklock Holmes's feet.

'Ah, and as luck would have it or it could be said as unlucky would have it... here is the final piece of evidence I needed.'

Binklock Holmes said as he picked up the clump of black fur from the floor. 'Evidence Sir, what for?'

'To arrest you Catstable. Inspector Lesstray you can come in now, we have our cat' Binklock Holmes replied as Inspector Lesstray trotted in to arrest the Catstable.

'What's going on?' Asked the Catstable.

'At first you see, I wasn't sure it was you. But as Bobbert had just told us, he believed he was being followed from the fight. Then you turn up as quick as a fox, and the room smells like lavender and rose water, my senses were instantly on high alert. I asked you what charge and you reply the stealing of papers but how could you know that if I was sitting on them. Then I turn to face and see you are a black and white cat, that might indeed have the name of Soot and I felt sure we were dealing with the notorious cat burglar who no doubt wanted his loot back. This was the final piece of evidence I needed...' Binklock Holmes replied showing the clump of black fur. 'From the moment this young cat arrived here, he was itching. Something was irritating him. Finally he got what it was off from him. This clump of black fur that will match the piece of fur missing from you on your left paw no doubt'.

Looking down at his left paw the notorious cat burglar simply said 'I knew it was wrong to come here. But I had to just had to get the papers back, they are so shiny after all and I like shiny things'.

'A proper little Magcat you are. Take him away Inspector Lesstray.' Replied Binklock Holmes.

'I don't know how you do it Holmes. Lucky I was on my way here anyway.' Replied Inspector Lesstray.

'Luck doesn't come into it, Inspector. It surely was elementcaty'.


Thank you, Amanda.

Thank you to the lovely Amanda Harvey Purse sharing this short story with us



One short story from a collection called, The Adventures of Detective Amelia Christie, which includes the prequels as well as, like this one, sequels to the Jack the Ripper fictional novel, The Strange Case of Caroline Maxwell, which has received an Conan Doyle Estate stamp of approval, published in 2014 by Amanda Harvey Purse.



Please remember all copy rights belong to the author 

'Hayley's Story' By Steve Jessup 



Today we have a heart warming story from the pen of the lovely Steve Jessup. 


We send a huge thank you to Steve for giving us the permission to share his work with you


It's a true story about how a beautiful stray cat, who would become know as Harley wandered into the life of Steve and his family.


Beautiful written and heart breaking, recommended reading for all animal lovers.


Copyright to the story belongs to Steve Jessup and is not to be reproduced in any form without his permission


Amanda Havery Purse


‘Silent Knife, Holy Ripper’s Night...’

By Amanda Harvey Purse



Copyright to the story belongs to Amanda Havery Purse and is not to be reproduced in any form without permission.


Bernard Boley

A wonderful heartwarming Christmas story by the lovely Bernard Boley. Thank you Bernard .



 Copyright to the story belongs to Bernard Bolsy and is not to be reproduced in any form without

AJ Griffiths-Jones


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Copyright to the story belongs to A.J Griffiths-Jones and is not to be reproduced in any form without her permission

Steve Jessup

Please do not read if you're easily offended the story contains language that may offend some people


Rudolph The Randy Reindeer comes courtesy of author Steve Jessup this story made me cry with I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Copyright to the story belongs to Steve Jessup and is not to be reproduced in any form without his permission