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Welcome to Chat with Authors

What is Chat with Authors it is where we ask authors to answer four to five questions some questions were fun, while others related to their work.


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Hello everyone I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely New Year


I'm just asking one question for the first Chat of the New Year, British novelist Zadie Smith wrote ' the very reason I write is so that I might not sleep walk through my entire life'


Why do you write ?


I have had a wonderful repose to the question and will be posting the authors relpys very shortly.


Today's guests are .....


Steve Jessup


I write because it allows me to create a world of my making. A world where I control what is said and done. A world that I can manipulate until it is satisfactory to me. Complete with characters of my creation. Buildings, streets, towns, all built in my mind and constructed by my writing. For me it is a form of escapism. A release if you like. It allows me to function and gives me a great sense of satisfaction when a story comes together. I can sit back and say: "I did that." :)


Angie Mackrell


I write because it is a bit of an emotional release and doing something creative all in one. It always makes me feel happy when I get time to myself to write, whether it be for half an hour or a whole day🤗


Bernard Boley


Why do I write? Someone has to do it. So I might as well be among those doing it. Without guys like me, readers would become an endangered species. Won't allow it to happen.





Today's replys come from ...


Eryn Ryans


I like telling stories as my characters actually talk to me so telling their stories is not only therapeutic for me but also a way for me to escape the mundane life I feel I currently live


Eve Gaal


The stories fill my head. Poems, ideas for novels, stage plays, fairytales and more, wait for me to write them down. Impatient characters wonder why it takes me so long. Once I finish writing; the revisions, edits and proofreading takes months. The stories pile up and I have to let them out. By not writing, I am withholding some sort of insight. Not my own ego-driven opinions but those of an extraordinary muse. Perhaps an angel with an agenda. Maybe even God. How dare I NOT write, when they have so much to say?♀️


Davide Mana


Hi !


Nice question !


Let's see... because I grew up reading, and I always invented stories to entertain myself, and one day I decided to try and share them. Also, because one day, all of a sudden, that was all I could do to pay the bills. Which might sound cynical, but really it's not. Writing saved my life.



Today see's the relpys of.....


Michael Hawley

At heart, I am a researcher with a passion for discovery. Writing allows me to share these discoveries.




Daniel Hooberry

The first book was for recovery from a stroke. The second book was for me a story that I had never read, and to prove to myself that I had what it took to write a novel.