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Brian L. Porter  

The Mersey Monastery Murders: The Habit Of Murder (Mersey Murder Mysteries Book 7) Kindle Edition by Brian L. Porter (Author)

Book 7 in series starts with the death a monk in St Emma's Priory but this is only the beginining of problems for DI Andy Ross and his team. Brother Bernard the victim is't the real Brother Bernard so they mystery dead man on their hands and a missing Monk. And that ladies and gentleman is all  I reveal of the plot. 

As expected from this author and he series you given a interesting and gripping murder story alongside unexpected twists, turns and surprises. 

Last Train to Lime Street (Mersey Murder Mysteries Book 6) Kindle Edition by Brian L. Porter

Last Train is the most recent book in the Mersey Murder Mysteries series by Brian L. Porter .

Detective Inspector Andy Ross, Detective Sergeant Izzie Drake and the Special Murder Investigation Team are back with a bang.

The opening crime scene is quite graphic and definitely is not for the faint hearted , a body has been callously been thrown from a railway bridge and hit by a train (Hence my warning about the graphic scene I felt quite queasy after reading it).

D.I. Ross and his team are called in to investigate the crime , the trail leads them into the porn industry and an interesting set of characters. But is the killer to be found among them or is the team looking in the wrong place for a cold hearted killer.

I enjoyed reading the novel and would definitely say the author has delivered what his readers have come to expected from him, an interesting background ,a storyline with lots of twists turns plus a few red herring and finally an interesting set of characters some of whom you will like while others you won't .

To find out what happens pick yourself up copy.

A Very Mersey Murder (Mersey Murder Mysteries Book 5) by Brian L. Porter

A VERY MERSEY MURDER is the fiveth book in the Mersey Murder Mysteries Book series.

This time D.I. Andy Ross , D. S. Izzie Drake and rest of the team must look to past to stop a killer, killing in the present .

In 1966 a young bar maid is brutally raped and murdered, her body left close to a old disused lighthouse in Hale, then cames a second and finally a third murder. As suddley as the killing started they stop fast forward, thirty-nine years and two identical murders have been committed has the killer returned , is it a copycat killer , can D.I. Andy Ross , D. S. Izzie Drake and the team stop him or her before it's too late ?

What can the reader expect ? An interesting plot with some fantastic twists, who the killer is it abit of puzzle and the is reader left pretty much left wondering to the very end who the killer .

Readers of previous books in the series won't be left disappointed and something which I enjoy seeing is the author has yet again included personal details about himself in the book.

Recommended reading for of thrillers and murder mysteries

Can't wait to read the next in the series

A Mersey Mariner (Mersey Murder Mysteries Book 4) By Brian L. Porter

Publisher: Creativia; 2 edition (10 Aug. 2017)

Detective Inspector Andy Ross , Detective Sergeant Izzie Drake and the rest of the team are back .This time to investigate the death of a mysterious passenger onboard a cargo/ passenger ship. The teams investigation , launches them into a roller coaster of a ride with enquiries leading them into the world of drug smuggling and human trafficking. 

I found this to be a very enjoyable read and the author, Brian L Porter, kept me guessing all the way through the story. 

I have to say I love the way he brought his dog Sasha into the storyline and many other personal insights. May I also say well done to the author for bringing in the sensitive subject of prostate problems. 

Can't wait for the release of the next one in the series.

A Mersey Maiden (Mersey Murder Mysteries Book 3) Kindle Edition by Brian L. Porter (Author)

Starting with the apparently motiveless murder of American student Aaron Decker Liverpool Detectives Ross and Drake are set for a  baffling time in their latest case. The detectives find themselves investigating a 21st century murder with links to a missing Second World War U-boat carrying a mysterious cargo. 

The 3rd of Brian Porter's Mersey Murder Mystery's is exciting, fast paced and at times can be very moving , altogether a thoroughly enjoyable read.

If you enjoy reading murder mysteries history and espionage then this is the book for you.

All Saints: Murder on the Mersey (Mersey Murder Mysteries Book 2) Kindle Edition by Brian L. Porter

Once more Liverpool detectives Ross and Drake find themselves at the very heart of a murder investigation. Darker than the first book , covering sensitive subject matter and containing graphic details of three gruesome murders the author takes you on a killer's journey of revenge. I don't want to go into much detail of the plot as this would spoil the story line for readers .


My final analysis of the book has to be the storyline is riveting , you find yourself getting caught up in every twist and turn and dare I say I found this one even better than the first and I can't wait to read the third in the series.

A Mersey Killing ( Book 1 ) Brian L Porter

 Highly recommended


This book is amazing it has everything a reader could want a muder, a mystery and a romance. You follow two modern day Liverpool detectives Ross and Drake as they try to solve the cold case of a murder victim from the 1960s. Just when you think yes I have this murder worked out the author throws a twist to the story leaving you rethinking the whole story if you love a good detective novel then you will love this book.





Sasha by Brian L. Porter

The award winning and international bestseller Sasha, Sasha is about a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was adopted by the author and his family. The book follows the ups and downs of Sashas amazing life which has included two broken legs , problems with allergies and her being diagnosed as a epileptic at a young age . But none of this has stopped her from enjoying life and bring enjoy to others. Prepare yourself for tears and cheers of joy as you read through her heart warming story.

Winner of The Preditors & Editors Readers Poll Award for Best Nonfiction Book 2016

Top ten finalist, The Best Indie Books of 2016

Sheba: From Hell to Happiness by Brian L. Porter

In this book Brian tells us the heart breaking story of Sheba who we were briefly introduce​d to in Brian's award winning book Sasha. Its hard to review the book without giving to much away and without crying . But I will try not to in this book Brian tells us the story about how he and his family give a home to a then nameless half starved and badly beaten

Cassie's Tale (Family of Rescue Dogs Book 3) Kindle Edition by Brian L. Porter

Another GREAT rescue dog book from Mr. Porter.

A fantastic book that can be easily read in one sitting.

Cassie is the third book series written by Mr. Porter about how he and his family share their home and their lives with an assortment of rescue dogs all with their own unique personalities and quirks.

This time we are introduced to Cassie the Yorkshire Terrier , Australian Terrier crossbreed she's tiny and looks so cute but don't be fooled her nickname is the mad ferret. Why you ask well I'm afraid I don't like to give spoilers so you will have to buy the book to out for yourself but what I will say is Cassie will steal your heart and your tennis balls if you don't watch her.

This must read for dog and animal lovers.