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Brought to you by The Bookworm

The following is a list of 100 fiction and non- fiction reads recommend by our follwers.


Noel by A.J Griffiths-Jones 

The Expats by A.J Griffiths-Jones 

The Seasiders by A.J Griffiths-Jones 

Prisoner 4374 by A.J Griffiths-Jones


Ashes of Innocence by Phil Price

Zoo by Phil Price


Earthbound by Mari Collier 

Tales from the Tombstone by S Ballinger & P Coombes 

Deadly Reality TV Series by Sea Caummisar 

Renaissance; The Fall and Rise of King by Marla Skidmore

South by Southwest Wales by David Owain Hughes 

Blurred Vision;Seven billion voices about to be silenced by Chris Botragy

My Ripper Hunting Days by Bernard Boley

Jill by N Joy


Martha by Admanda Harvey Purse

Inspector Reid;The Real Street byAdmanda Harvey Purse

Dead Bodies Do Tell Tales- A Jack The Ripper Novel by Admanda Harvey Purse


A Parliamment of Crows by Alan M Clark

The Door That Faced East by Alan M Clark

Jack the Ripper Victims Series by Alan M Clark



The Welshman In Whitechapel.: A journey. (Rees and Mary. Book 1) by Steve Jessup

Madness In Mumbles by Steve Jessup

MorristonThe Return: The final Installment in the Rees & Mary saga by Steve Jessup


Knife's Tell by Daniel Dark

Poisoned at the Priory (Cold Case Jury Collection Book 4) by Antony M. Brown

The Fall of Rorke's Drift An Alternate History of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879' by John Laband

Death and Destruction on the Thames in London by Anthony Galvin

Woman At The Devil's Door: The Extraordinary True Story of Mary Pearcey and the Hampstead Murders by Sarah Beth Hopton

Dark Days: A Poetry Anthology by Christopher Botragyi

The Bystander Effect by Catherine Sanderson Pan's Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun by Cornelia Funke

Church Mouse: Memoir of a vampire's servant by RH Hale

AWAKENING by Douglas L. Wilson

Paper Dolls by Emma Pullar

Last Train to Lime Street by Brian L. Porter

The Fifth Commandment by Eve Gaal

On the Trail of the Yorkshire Ripper: His Final Secrets Revealed by Richard Charles Cobb


The Reaper's Breath (The Ripper Legacies) by Robert Southworth

The Reaper's Touch (The Ripper Legacies Book 2) by Robert Southworth

The Reaper's Kiss (The Ripper Legacies Book 3) by Robert Southworth