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Tales from the Tombstone by S Ballinger and P Coombes


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 "It's one of those books you just want to read one more page, love the photos and it's amazing how no two churches are the same I'm trying not to read all at once and I would love to read other one by you ". 


Having recently read the early pre-published draft version (which I couldn’t put down), I’m looking forward to reading the finished version. It’s a hugely interesting factual book on graveyard history.

                                  Edward Whittle


'Extremely good read, it's a page turner you just want to know the next story the photos in black and white sets the scene '

                                    Daphne Coombes

I love the book - the pictures and the narrative. The stories are well told and a mixture of tragedy, humour, ghostly going ons, true crime and bravery. Churches and churchyards are brought to life and objects pointed out that many a person would miss. The book is exceedingly well produced, written,illust rated and edited and deserves a place on many a bookshelf.

                                        David Hall                                         

"I think your book is extraordinary. You’ve painstakingly tracked the lives of many long-forgotten people & allowed their tales to be told. It’s admirable "

AJ. Griffiths-Jones Awarded-winning author of Prisoner 4374




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Reviews: 8
Ratings: 11



Evening everyone tonight we have a interview with S Ballinger and P Coombes authors of Tales from the Tombstone

Evening everyone tonight I'm talking to the authors S Ballinger and P Coombes of the Tales from the Tombstone.

Thank you guys for agreeing to talk to me.

You're welcome

To start with would like you to tell us a little bit about yourselfs.

P- I'am a full-time carer and I enjoy photography walking and history and this will be the first book I have been involved in.

S-I'am a reclusive bookworm who loves reading and reviewing books I also enjoy history and walking. And as with P this will be the first book I have been involved in.

Could you tell us about you book and why you decided to write it.

P & S - It started out with us volunteering for a family tree site where we would photograph and index gravestones. As we visited more and more of these churches we discovered so much history not just about the churches but also about people buried in the churchyards. S would go home and find the parish records for the church and start researching the names then it would be hey P this person was a VC winner or this person was murdered. We then discussed a idea for putting these stories into a book with a friend who is an author and she said yes go for it. So here we are P does the photo work and the driving and I do the writing

Is the book solely about the people you discovered in the records ?

P-S - No not at all we have included a brief history of the churches we visited and some of the best sights to see. Not everyone will agree with our choices and I'm sure everyone will have their own favourites if they have visited these churches themselves already or who are planning a visit to them in the future.

Is there anything else you would like to tell people about the book ?

P-S - We would like to say that we are amateur writers, historians and we are bound to have to made mistakes but that is ok with us we are happy to hear from people that feel we have made mistakes.

Will you be writing a follow up?

P-S The book was amazingly fun and frustrating to work on but we are glad we did it. And yes we are already working on a follow up.

Last question how are you be publishing ?

P - S We will be self publishing through Amazon

Thank you both and I wish you all the best

And thank you